06 Feb

Inbound Certified Renewed – HubSpot Academy

This was up for renewal, I started it a month ago going through videos, it is technically a new course to replace the one I did back in 2018 (which was the 2017 course), they seem to have divided the course into two now and I have started and pretty much finished the “Inbound Sales” by accident, however, I did complete the second part the “Inbound Marketing” course as well.
Anyways I did the exams for the Inbound and Inbound marketing and got the badges/certs, it seems to be more intuitive that when I first completed it, perhaps it is easier perhaps I am better.. I do like that it is 25 months, means they will diverge and give you a more spread out timeframe to renew all your certs in future and if i have time I will do the Inbound sales one since it is nigh complete.

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