20 Mar

Document Production using TeX

Set up document production locally on mac and ubuntu (TeX live) and windows machine (MiKTeX) , also demoed using cloud services Share LaTex and Overleaf (formerly writelatex).

The benefits of the cloud services (and paying for their premium offerings) would be sharing, publishing academic documents to the specific journals which are integrated into the service, as well as storage and back up on Dropbox or github.

If you don’t require all these, then using a local copy and back upĀ on google drive, drobox or github etc. and if you want to collaborate on a document use Google hangout and screen share.

13 Mar

Website Updates and Maintenance

  • WordPress websites updates, plugins and theme updates
  • Removal of deprecated plugin for inclusion of posts in menu items
  • Convert to pages and use order by
  • Update WordPress version, and PHP version on server.
  • Edit permlinks for new special offers and product pages for client.
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