16 Jan

Open Source Software

Open Source software is something which we wholeheartedly embrace. The reasons we favour using Open Source is not just because you don’t have to pay for it (our rule of thumb is that to keep the community going it is the honourable thing to do, and as such making a small donation such as the value of a CD for a product you use every day in your work is not too much to ask), but because often open source software does exactly the task or job we want it to, is well documented, and excellent quality and by using it you “free” and are not confined to use other proprietary software and locked into the walled garden of software from a particular company. You are also “free” to modify the code and tailor open source software to your particular needs.

List of  Open Source Software we use

  • Apache – web server and tools
  • AWStats – web statistics based on log file analysis
  • Eclipse – Integrated Development Environment(IDE)
  • G.I.M.P. – Graphical Image Manipulation Program
  • JBoss/WildFly – Application Server
  • Linux – Operating System (Debian based distributions are my favoured ones, Ubuntu and Mint)
  • Open Office – Suite of Office products, Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations and Drawing (I use the LibreOffice fork of OO)
  • Piwik website statistics
  • WordPress Content Management System


08 Jan

Election Candidates

As the Election is due to be called, if you are an candidate looking to get a website online, we offer a quick solution to getting a website up and running and using social media for €699 (hosting and domain excluded).

We offer

  • Website with Content Management System
  • 5 Page brochure type website, with News stream
  • Interaction with Social Media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Subscribe to updates via email
  • Metrics
  • Social Media Training
  • Website CMS Training
07 Jan

New Year Content

  • Add content for new year
  • Remove or mothball seasonal content
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Update links remove broken links
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