15 Feb

Consultancy and Site Housekeeping

  • SEO Consultancy
  • WordPress Theme updates on 2 sites
  • Added page for focused marketing
  • Remove some obsolete content
  • Content changes refresh
  • Basic rebrand using new logo to keep site consistent with offline marketing material
13 Feb

Brochure website for Personal Trainer

Brochure website for a personal trainer using the name The Fit Effect. Website Design and Develop using wordpress CMS with a responsive theme, website branding. Hosting and Email set up. Social Media sharing buttons, set up social media accounts and add social media streams to the right hand side of webpages. Setup blog/news section. Added contact form, and application form processing.


The Fit Effect Website


09 Feb

Get an extra 2GB of Storage with Google Drive

Google Drive Free Storage

Get an extra 2GB of Storage with Google Drive, head to google and secure your account. See Gizmodo.com here for details, they did a similar offering last year, the process is only a couple of clicks.


Recently Copy.com announced it was discontinuing its free storage service (see press release  here) so users  of this service, will probably shift to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, or iCloud, for personal storage online using their free services.


One of the early such service Ubuntu One (and it did have versions for other operating systems), closed down the year before last, so the variety of free storage has reduced.

02 Feb

Client Training

  • WordPress CMS Training
  • Blogging and Social Media Training
  • Website Metrics and SEO Training

Its always great to get a client who is not from an IT background able to hit the ground running, and up to speed using their website to the maximum, monitoring the site using website metrics, and keeping the site up to date by training in editing and blogging. Also availing of the benefits of social media in promoting their business.

01 Feb

Subscribe to Maillist

Maillist subscription can be easily added to a wordpress website by using plugin for Mailchimp to interact with your mail account and can then use the emails you harvest for an email marketing campaign.


Maillist with Mailchimp - email marketing campaigns

Rules which should always be adhered to is to allow clients and potential clients to opt out for you mail shot. Once a client opts out honour their decision. From personal experience there is nothing more annoying then getting spam like email from a source you had opted out of.

It is always good to ensure that both the html and text version of your email is easily legible on mail clients.

Mailchimp is a great product which is free to use below a certain amount of subscribers, and the paid version is quite reasonable if you are successful in garnering a large amount of subscribers.

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