24 Mar

Build new server

  • Build new LAMP server from scratch
  • Configure Piwik and Piwik App for access via Andorid phone
  • Register domains map
08 Mar

Updates and Statistics site


  • Updates to statistics Website (bootstrap/php/mysql) add new Google Charts
  • Website Content Updates, add Spring season pages with offerings and mothball winter season pages

WordPress Website Maintenance

Spring cleaning maybe, but a number of WordPress websites I look after needed updating with plugin and theme changes, so a good chance to bring them all up to date

  • Update WordPress website, 4 Plugin Updates
  • Update WordPress website, 7 Plugin Updates, and Theme Update
  • Update WordPress website, 5 Plugin Updates and Theme Update
  • Update WordPress website to 4.4.2 and update Translations for multilingual functionality
  • eCommerce / WooCommerce website updates
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