22 May

Some adventures with Payment Systems and general updates

I had a few adventures with various payment systems, traditionally I have used Realex Payments which I always had a good experience of, but in recent years have used PayPal and Stripe more in many cases due to their processing without the client requiring a Merchant Account. Each of the Payment gateways I used were fine but it was horses for courses depending on your circumstances, for which one to choose. I did have a look at Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers) and after a cursory look at it, it looks fine, on the Irish version they do still have Laser cards icon! I am not sure how the payments charges relate to the other providers, but we went with PayPal for this project

General Updates

  • Piwik Update
  • WordPress Version and Plugin Updates
07 May

Microsoft Decoded Conference

I was at the Microsoft Decoded conference (#DecodedConf) there over the past three days, in UCD. Mainly looking at Azure, but also seeing some cool ideas, I was impressed. I am also happy to see, Microsoft is embracing Open Source, seeing the value of engaging with developers and facilitating them using their technology and ultimately using their services it is a win win.

As with many of these conferences, some talks suited me, were interesting and salient to our work, some were perhaps not relevent and some were very interesting and while not something work related, do expand your thoughts and horizons and as with everything you are always learning. Originally focused on Azure, talks on JSon, Databases, Mobile Development, Security were particularly Interesting as was a talk on IoT perhaps less relevant but cool to see.

I also valued some of the chats with some fellow technologists…, some interesting some even pointed work im doing in new directions, some maybe helped rethink projects, directly and indirectly. One thing Graph and Document databases will be in my thinking in the coming days, so all good.

Also it was good to see three people whom I had working with in the past, sadly distant past as we tried to count back to when we worked together.



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