30 Jun

Certificate in Online Proficiency – Google/Digital Garage

The Digital Garage – Certificate in Online Proficiency is a free online course from Google / IAB Europe. I had some time available so I went through the course and took the exam to get the certificate.

It covers many areas of managing a website and I think is extremely beneficial to someone working in Online Media, Digital Marketing or  a small business owner managing their own website. It takes a bit of time, to go through the content, watch the videos answer the questions and take the exam. It is a bit of work but well worth it.

30 Jun

Add subscription

  • Added subscription system for website
  • Integrate with Marketing System
  • Social Media Campaign
  • General website updates
  • WordPress updates etc. (4 websites)
08 Jun

Email Marketing tools and Leadin

Install setup and configure email marketing tools, using mailchimp, facebook signup form, wordpress subscription forms using plugins, and pop up form.

Compare MailChimp as email marketing management tool with alternatives MailMunch, Aweber, Get Reponse and Sendy(hosted on Amazon). They all pretty much do the same thing manage getting email subscriptions, and then managing sending email newsletters etc. and the dialogue with the subscriber such as unsubscribing etc. The pay plans from trial, free or basic up to a modest monthly charge seem quite reasonable, I find MailChimps free account useful for small sports club to get up and running sending a newsletter from their website very good, and the modest monthly charge for a large enough mail list for a start up reasonable enough.


Set up Leadin (from Hubspot) account and configure to integrate with website using Leadin WordPress plugin. I am impressed with the basic(free) leadin version, but know it is the drug dealer business plan to get you hooked and use the paid version. I would recommend any website owner give it a go and see how its data for visitors can be useful to them.

03 Jun

Website Technologies Used

Website Technologies Used

I took a look at the technologies used on website I have been working on in recent years. The main change for me, I suppose is that more and more are WordPress and less Java or HTML/CSS(which includes static website generators), I would expect the big CMS’s(Drupal and WordPress) to grow and other technologies to diminish some what, but who knows.



02 Jun

Google/Digital Garage – Digital Proficiency Course

I had some time on my hands yesterday evening, and I clicked on a link to an online course from Google / Digital Garage. It goes from ground zero about the hows and why of getting online up to digital marketing and social media.

For any small business owner I would strongly recommend this course for understanding whats involved and whats available for managing and enhancing your online presence.

Digital Garden Online Digital Proficiency Course

It goes with the normal online practice of having a tutorial on video then a quiz and at the end an assessment. It does this for each section for which you are awarded a Badge. After 23 badges you can do an overall assessment which they then generate a Certificate for you, from IAB Europe and Google.

While it may be quite basic in places, it covers a range of topics on using Digital for your business. Even if you were not to complete it, it is highly beneficial for a website owner, to learn and understand topics.

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