22 Jul

Social Media and Blogging Tutorial

This week involved creating and delivering Social Media and Blogging Tutorial, to a client. It does take some discipline to regularly, post and blog. I advocate having a Social Media / Blogging Schedule and policy. For example, post one blog entry each month, and maybe one social media posting per week. It requires allocating time to compose content, and content which is suitable for one platform may require to be tailored for another, e.g. LinkedIn is more a professional than facebook, instagram or twitter, so you can be more casual on these platforms.

Having a social media strategy and blogging policy is essential. Often clients believe they don’t have anything (any content) to post or blog about. The trick is to recognise what you actually have to blog or post about.

  • Posting to your Blog (using the WordPress CMS)
  • Twitter for your Business (using hashtags and tweeting)
  • Facebook for your Business (creating a business page)
  • LinkedIn for your Business (creating a business page)
  • Instagram for your Business


11 Jul

Summer Content and Updates

  • Website content changes, seasonal content for Summer.
  • Website content updates for next academic year
  • WordPress ┬áversion and theme updates, plugin updates.
  • PHP/MySql CRUD mapping system updates
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