01 Feb

Google Adwords Certified

As a continuing part of my new years commitment I looked at the Google Adwords Certification, to get certified you have to do the Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam and one other Google Exam from Search, Display, Shopping Video and Mobile. I went through the course content roughly and took on the Mobile Advertising Exam, after some study of the online resources (takes time but they are quite good). I did rush through them thinking I was up against the time but had time to spare, would have been nice to pause and check some of your answers as you were before but I passed, so hurdle one over come.

Then and I had been studying some of the online resources, i decided to take the Adwords Fundamentals course, I had seen much of it before, I reviewed the pdf of the study notes and went through some of the online classes to refresh my memory. The exam was quite intuitive and about half way through I realised i had 120 minutes and not 90 minutes to complete the exam so the last half I took some more time on each question.

Anyways another one completed, later in the year I hope to complete the other elective modules (Promise 😉 ).

Google Certifications Conor Gilmer

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