22 Aug

August chores

Seems a lot of people suddenly realise that they intended to do various things before the end of the summer, and they panic in august and it is busy, this year is no exception

  • Video Converting to MP4 for website and social media
  • Website Content updates
  • Website Metrics added to site to track new initiatives
  • WordPress version update to 4.8.1 on 2 sites
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Hosting change and Website migration
  • Web presence consulting for localised professional service provider
  • Website refresh with new Theme
04 Aug

Mobile Sites Certification – Google

Continuing with my ongoing resolution to update certs and do some new ones, I did the relatively new Google Mobile Sites Certification. A couple of hours of tutorials from their “Academy for Ads”, and a quiz after each section and at the end to show you completed the tutorial, then a 90min exam from Google Partners. Much of it is intuitive and close to the tutorials, but some I had to search for terminology just to be sure.

Overall I think it is quite beneficial especially if you are optimising a site for Mobile, or doing a new site with mobile as a major consideration. Anyways another google cert, and a badge to add to my Google Partners Profile.

Google Partners Profile

Google Certifications Conor Gilmer

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