30 Apr

Encypting Your Hard Drive

Data is Money!

It is important to keep your data safe, particularly on  your Computer/LapTop. Of course you should have your Laptop password protected, however this is just limiting access and is into protecting data on your hard disk, for this I recommend encrypting your hard disk.

Encrypting your Hard Disk – Windows

Some Windows systems have Device Encryption built into them, and is turned on by default.

Windows 10 Professional has BitLocker built in and it can be configured to encrypt your hard disk. If you have the Home edition BitLocker can be purchased as an add on.

Another option for Windows users particularly earlier versions is encryption software, such as the free VeraCrypt. For the non-technical user the built in encryption with windows is much easier.

Encrypting your Hard Disk – Apple Mac / MacBook

Pretty much all macs since 2003 have a system called FileVault which can be used to encrypt your entire hard disk.

When setting a password/key when encrypting

  • Make sure it is a secure password!
  • Make sure you remember it!
  • And store the password / key somewhere safe and not on the computer you are encrypting !
10 Apr

Know what google knows about you

Some links to see what google knows about you and how you can manage it. Google provides some excellent services and I am a user of gmail, maps and analytics, but it is good to know what the social and search engine companines know about you.

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