24 May

Data Security Review for Small Business

Reviewed the Data Security and IT Policy for a small business, implemented solutions and providing advice.

  • Add Privacy Policy to website
  • Add SSL to website
  • Security Policy for Office Network
  • Security Policy for Business Computers
23 May

WordPress Updates and GDPR

There has been a number of WordPress updates recently many of them to do with plugins and GPDR.

  • Update WordPress Plugins with GDPR Compliance
  • WordPress Version update 4.9.6. Multiple Websites.
  • Added GDPR option to MailChimp mail shots and send MailChimp campaigns for GDPR.
21 May

GDPR Consulting for Small Business

Updated security policy for small business, set up opt-in and opt-out data communications.

  • Use MailChimp for to get Consent from users on mail list
  • Added Security Policy to website and for communications
  • Updated Sign up form to conform with GDPR
15 May

Completed the LinkedIn Learning GDPR Essentials Course

I completed the LinkedIn Learning GDPR Compliance Essentials Course. It is well worth it to get abreast of the requirements and concepts. It takes about an hour to go through the videos and do the quizzes. This week the Course is also free.

A lot of people are panicking about GDPR and it is important for anyones business to look into it and make sure you are compliant and doing the right thing.

Some links you may find useful :-

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