20 Dec

Updating to WordPress 5 and Gutenberg

WordPress 5 is a major departure for WordPress CMS. With the change to Gutenberg and the Block editor, is a major layout and design difference. For now many people while upgrading to WordPress 5.0, will install and configure the classic editor plugin to keep their sites as they are (updating the CMS will give you the option to configure the classic editor immediately after install of version 5), for those who have been using Gutenberg since version 4.8 it is an easier to update with the block editor being the default editor.

08 Dec

HubSpot Social Media Certified

Some time on my hands due to a broken foot I decided to do the HubSpot Social Media Course. I found it quite informative by much of it common sense for any social media user. And I got this snazzy badge to display.

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