20 Jan

Update to WordPress 5.3.2

After some waiting to see WordPress 5 bed in

I updated to WordPress 5.3.2 so far so good, I had to update a number of plugins including shortcodes for the WordPress theme. Installed both the old classic editor and have used the new “blocks” editor Gutenberg which for me the jury is still out on.

As it had been a few months since a full CMS update I had to update translations,  and themes as well.

Microsoft stopping support for Windows 7

This is something which annoys me, while I am not a user of it, I have had a number of friends ask me what to do, the simple answer I give is you need to update if you are sticking with it and if you are confident try and install Linux, Ubuntu or Linux Mint I would suggest.

Perhaps if a software provider stop support for a platform, then it should be released as some sort of open source (ok not to copy but to maintain)


04 Jan

Online Courses and Certs etc.

A number of years ago I made a new years resolution to do an Online Course whenever I had time on my hands, my plan was to update or get new courses, certs for the likes of Google, and Microsoft,  some of which I had had but had lapsed, and some newer ones from HubSpot and LinkedIn, etc. As they were New years resolutions, and done over time off at Christmas, etc. a lot of them have expired and I plan to work through them and renew some of them over the coming months.

I especially think the google and hubspot courses and certs, are good, since if you use these tools, you do learn things and about them that you may not have known or have been using to their potential.

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