21 May

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Onramp

Continuing on from MathWorks MATLAB Onramp course, I completed the Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses. They are interesting and the software for the courses is very good while it is a little different from the desktop or online version of MATLAB that is not an issue.


05 May


I have bing pivoting towards more data science technologies of late, with a history of using tools like Perl and AWK for some manipulation of data, and using PHP and javascript-based technologies like Google Charts etc. to generate graphs, moving to Python, R and MATHLAB interested me.

I suppose python has occupied me a lot in recent times, I like Anaconda, and Juypter, as well as a lightweight editor call thonny which I would recommend to anyone dabbling in python.

And so MATHLAB confronted me, it seems powerful, and the Onramp course is very straightforward to navigate over a couple of hours. Anyways you get a snazzy certification of completion as you commence your MATHLAB Journey

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