28 Apr

Seasonal Changes for Summer

Summer season content changes

  • Add new summer schedule and pricings with links to Revolut for payments
  • Add new activities with photos
  • Remove oboslete content

WordPress housekeeping

  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update PHP version
  • Update Theme
  • Update Plugins
28 Feb

Easing Restrictions Updates

Following the relaxation of COVID rules on 28/2/2022 a number of edits were required to remove and modify specific posts on websites.

Brighter days are ahead hopefully!

21 May

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Onramp

Continuing on from MathWorks MATLAB Onramp course, I completed the Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses. They are interesting and the software for the courses is very good while it is a little different from the desktop or online version of MATLAB that is not an issue.


05 May


I have bing pivoting towards more data science technologies of late, with a history of using tools like Perl and AWK for some manipulation of data, and using PHP and javascript-based technologies like Google Charts etc. to generate graphs, moving to Python, R and MATHLAB interested me.

I suppose python has occupied me a lot in recent times, I like Anaconda, and Juypter, as well as a lightweight editor call thonny which I would recommend to anyone dabbling in python.

And so MATHLAB confronted me, it seems powerful, and the Onramp course is very straightforward to navigate over a couple of hours. Anyways you get a snazzy certification of completion as you commence your MATHLAB Journey

14 Nov

Security online and What Google Knows

Some interesting links for those concerned about what google has stored on you and how to improve your privacy.


25 Feb

Anti Spam Measures

  • Installed anti-spam measures on the online presence of a client.
  • Security Updates.
  • Housekeeping on the website, update filters for contact forms.
  • Interaction with Client’s Social Media Call to Action.
18 Feb

SEMRush Academy

SEMRushSEMRush has a number of courses and certificates on its SEMRush Academy. Focused on SEO and using its products they do give an interesting insight into how search engines index your website,  how to manage your website from an SEO point of view. I complete both the SEO Fundamentals and Technical SEO course and did both the exams. They are both quite good courses, I would have some misgivings about obvious answers to true or false questions, or hours of the same instructor speaking but overall it is beneficial. The tips particularly in the Technical SEO course, on what tools to use to emulate how a search engine sees your website is invaluable.

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