Examples of some projects I have worked on

Country Cottage Stables - New Website

Website for Horse Riding School County WicklowNew website for Horse Riding School and Livery Yard, in County Wicklow

Company Money - New Website

Company MoneyNew responsive theme for brochure type website for Business Consultancy firm. Onepage Premium theme used.


Janet's Country Fayre - New Website

New responsive website for Janets Country Fayre showcasing products and their Janets Just Delicious product line and recipes for using their products. List of locations and distributors for their products, and a Newsletter signup facility to publish products, and recipes.


The Dodder Partnership - Brochure Website

Dodder Partnership website development

The Dodder Partnership

– website using WordPress

Design and Develop responsive Brochure type website, for Business to Business Consultancy group with Business/Professional theme, online Form and Email setup.


Jane Byrne Chartered Accountant - Brochure Website

Jane Byrne Chartered Accountant

– website using WordPress

janebyrneaccountantwebsiteDesign and Develop responsive Brochure type website, with Business/Professional theme, Online Form, Email setup, and online consultancy and Content Management System (CMS) Training.


The Fit Effect - Brochure type website using WordPress

The Fit Effect

– website using WordPress
The Fit Effect Website Design and Develop responsive Brochure type website, clean theme, social media interaction, and web form. CMS and Social Media Training.


Upstarts - Website for Radio Show using WordPress.


– WordPress website

WordPress website, Podcast repository, Business Directory and community website for Upstarts as part of the Ad|Astra team.


Ashfield College - Moodle Brand and Setup

Ashfield College Moodle
ashfieldmoodleE-Learning platform installation, branding and customisation for Ashfield College.

City Colleges - Moodle Configure and Brand

City Colleges – Moodle Brand and Setup
citycollegesmoodleE-Learning platform installation, customisation and branding for City Colleges.

Progressive College - Consultancy WordPress website

Progessive College – Consultancy WordPress website


Phibsboro Chess Club - Sports Club Website

Phibsboro Chess Club – WordPress website
Wordpress website for Club, functionality using plugin to play a game PGN file format within a page.
Originally the site was a html/css website, and before that one hosted on geocites, theme was decided upon to be flat, text based, to suit visually impaired chess players viewing the website, also gallery used for photos from european championship.

Webwayz - WordPress Website

Webwayz – WordPress website
ScreenshotWWResponsive WordPress website, originally a HTML/CSS/PHP served website, using a contact form, before that a basic html/css website.


HTML5CSS - GitHub Hosted pages

GitHub Pages hosted website
ScreenshotWWPersonal website, HTML5 and CSS, using a template, hosted as a github page.

JBake Blog - using Static Website Generator

JBake – Blog
ScreenshotWWBlog using the static website generated using JBake with java and bootstrap.

Pelican Blog - using Static Website Generator

Pelican Blog

– Static Generated website
ScreenshotWW Blog generated by Pelican the using python and markdown.