Manage your own business and its internet presenceTrain to use your website

  • CMS Training – keep your website content up to date
  • Web Metrics – track visits to your website
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management Training
  • Search Engine and Social Media Marketing – advertise on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Training – use social media to promote your business

Content Management Systems Training using WordPress as a Content Management System

You will not be able to fully extract value from your website if you are not able to edit and modify it, and keep it dynamic and up to date. We provide training in maintaining and update clients websites, using the popular Content Management System, WordPress, as well as other CMS platforms.

Website MetricsTraining in using Website Metrics such as Piwik

Measuring and monitoring your websites performance is essential, and using website metrics and website tools, from Google, Bing, Yandex, and Alexa as well as open source metrics from Piwik which we advocate, configure, and train people in using these facilities to enlighten clients as to how their website is functioning and where it can be improved

Email MarketingTraining inMailchimp - email marketing campaigns

Training in using your website in conjunction with and email marketing management tool (mailchimp or mailmunch) to send your customer and potential customers marketing  material or Newsletter via email. Or harvesting emails from subscribers to your website for by a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Training in Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

Create and manage and tailor, Search Engine and Social Media Marketing campaigns, to increase visitors to you website,
and followers on your social media presence. Also measuring online marketing campaigns using Analytics.

Social Media

Using Social Media to build a network of and communicate with clients and potentialTwitter clients, to market  your business, and drive visitors to your website. We encourage our clients to engage with users on social media to build a relationship. Social Media can enhance your business profile, monitor pubic sentiment about your company, to protect the business image.