23 Jan

Tools for the Very Security Conscience

Data is money, but there is a trade off  in security, when using online services. However there are a number of tools/services for those who want that extra bit of secrecy.

DuckDuckGo Search EngineDuckDuckGo.com – Search Engine (www.duckduckgo.com)

DuckDuckgo is great, if you want to search (I nearly typed google) for something and you didn’t google, or perhaps the company or site you are searching for to know that you are visiting their site. Even as an alternative to Google search it is well worth using.

SpiderOak File Sharing Storage MessengerSpiderOak (www.spideroak.com)

SpiderOak is an alternative to Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Copy, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Just like the other services it is a backup, file sharing and messaging platform, with additional security that the other platforms.

Tor Project Browser (www.torproject.org)

While surfing the web, you do leave a trail, perhaps a bit obsessive but the Tor Browser is a way to hide your surfing. Other browsers have their incognito, or browse in secret options but Tor is that extra level of secrecy.

Personally the benefits in using Google and Microsoft software online outweigh the price you pay in data secrecy. It is beneficial,  for the search engine to have access to data about you, making the search results more relevant.

29 Dec


I like the www.humanstxt.org initiative. Provide some human information about your website in a readable text file humans.txt, add some information like a colophon, credits, thanks and contact details etc.

upload the humans.txt file to your server and add the meta link to your webpage

<link rel=”author” href=”humans.txt” />

or use the https:/.org/plugins/humanstxt/ plugin, and use the wordpress variables to dynamically generate the humans.txt file.

the humans responsible & colophon
I like the humans.txt http://www.humanstxt.org initative

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03 Jun

Website Technologies Used

Website Technologies Used

I took a look at the technologies used on website I have been working on in recent years. The main change for me, I suppose is that more and more are WordPress and less Java or HTML/CSS(which includes static website generators), I would expect the big CMS’s(Drupal and WordPress) to grow and other technologies to diminish some what, but who knows.



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