19 Jan

Email Setup and Website Optimization

This past week or so Email and website optimization duties covered a lot of time.

EmailOutlook Email Office SuiteGoogle Gmail

To me it seems more people are using Outlook to access their work email, rather than Gmail of late, not really a scientific survey just my recent experience. When asked which one I would recommend I say there is no right answer, better to use which ever you are use to and which ever other technology you are using, i.e. if you are using Microsoft Office using outlook is more straightforward, and if you use Gmail and google products stick with it.


I do recommend anyone wishing to test their website for page loading speed, and for mobile compatibility to use googles tools, such as Page Speed Insights and Test My Site. Your website needs to load fast, and needs to be mobile friendly.

  • Email Setup new host and domain
  • Email configuration for importing to cloud hosted email
  • Website Optimization for Mobile and Speed
  • Update WordPress CMS Updates to 4.9.2
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • WordPress plugins for optimization
  • Website Image changes, and additional banner added new image and page link
  • Blog posts for New Year campaigns
  • Tidy up websites remove redundant content
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