17 Feb

Website Metrics

Website metrics/analytics are essential for you to be aware and informed as to how your website is performing. There are a number of ways to glean how your website is performing, from the “free” services from the Big Internet companies such as Google Analytics, Bing Analytics and Yandex Metrica, paid metrics from a third party vendor, to self hosted metrics software like Piwik/Matomo, and log file analytics from Webalizer or awstats.

My advice is always to use a couple of these, most hosting packages provide a log file analyser as part of the service so you may as well have this configured, however you really need more deep analysis also provided in a graphical format which you can do comparisons etc. and Google Analytics is the monolith in this, if you are using Microsoft products/services a lot or Yandex then their Metrics could be a benefit, or if you even want to compare or proof the results found by the other metric provider.


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