19 Jan

Email Setup and Website Optimization

This past week or so Email and website optimization duties covered a lot of time.

EmailOutlook Email Office SuiteGoogle Gmail

To me it seems more people are using Outlook to access their work email, rather than Gmail of late, not really a scientific survey just my recent experience. When asked which one I would recommend I say there is no right answer, better to use which ever you are use to and which ever other technology you are using, i.e. if you are using Microsoft Office using outlook is more straightforward, and if you use Gmail and google products stick with it.


I do recommend anyone wishing to test their website for page loading speed, and for mobile compatibility to use googles tools, such as Page Speed Insights and Test My Site. Your website needs to load fast, and needs to be mobile friendly.

  • Email Setup new host and domain
  • Email configuration for importing to cloud hosted email
  • Website Optimization for Mobile and Speed
  • Update WordPress CMS Updates to 4.9.2
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • WordPress plugins for optimization
  • Website Image changes, and additional banner added new image and page link
  • Blog posts for New Year campaigns
  • Tidy up websites remove redundant content
08 Nov

Updates and some seasonal content changes

This time of year there is always content changes in preparation for Christmas and the season.

  • Seasonal Content Changes and remove and relegate obsolete and older content.
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) posts linking to new content.
  • WordPress CMS version updates.
  • WordPress plugin changes.
  • Update WordPress themes and plugins.


09 Sep

Brochure Website and Email Setup for Start-up

Design and Develop a brochure website and email setup for a start up company. Often it takes some encouragement to get a client to fully embrace the internet and to use their website to its full potential. It is crucial for company branding to use the website, and company email, it looks so much more professional in communication with clients and potential clients.

Brochure Website and Email Setup
  • Start up online presence consultancy.
  • Email set up and configuration using their domain, access email via GMail.
  • Brochure website Design, Develop and Deploy.
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Website Metrics (Piwik and Google Analytics).
  • Training client in using the Content Management System(CMS) to edit page content and post News items.
On going website maintenanceWordpress CMS
  • Website and social media content seasonal update.
  • Update WordPress Version.
  • WordPress website 6 Plugin Updates.
  • Provide Website metrics reports for clients.
  • Rebrand Website.
  • Replace Aperio WordPress Theme with Vantage theme on business website since theme seems no longer to be supported with potential conflicts with latest WordPress version and plugin versions.
  • Clean up website removing out of date information.
03 Jun

Website Technologies Used

Website Technologies Used

I took a look at the technologies used on website I have been working on in recent years. The main change for me, I suppose is that more and more are WordPress and less Java or HTML/CSS(which includes static website generators), I would expect the big CMS’s(Drupal and WordPress) to grow and other technologies to diminish some what, but who knows.



01 Oct

New WordPress 4.0

Wordpress CMSInstalling WordPress 4.0 and I am impressed by how user friendly it is, especially facilitating the adding media items to posts and pages.


Updated Fruitfield Theme, customise, layout changes with new short codes needed to be updated.

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